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Clear Messaging • Gain New Customers • Transform Your Results


Are you unsure if you are maximizing your marketing dollars to gain the best results?

We know how to create, sequence and maximize results so you don't have to.. Best of all, we do it all for you. We get you the customers, you get the sales.

The ROI on multi channel direct marketing can be staggering but yet only a fraction of small businesses will leverage it. A combination of paper, email, mobile and social can be very powerful if executed correctly. 


  • Direct mail - .5% to 4%

  • Email - .5% to 2%

  • Digital paid advertising - .2% to 1%

Amplify Your Message


Most businesses spend an enormous amount of money on marketing without a clear strategy or message. We solve this problem by utilizing proven multi channel direct marketing techniques with excellent copy and sequencing to drive more sales. We develop and deploy the end to end solution so you can focus on your customers and don't have to your worry about your marketing.

How does it work?

5 things small businesses need to get right

Begin Campaign

Send paper and digital material to new and prospect customers

Call To Action

Customers click or call through effective sales generation site.

Continue Campaign

Continue phase 2 and 2 to improve response rate.

Benefits go far beyond digital

Our solutions will not only guide your business but support all other aspects of your branding and marketing.

The internet isn't going away, we connect your business through a thoughtful process that your customers will flow through so you can gain more business and out execute the competition.

Best of all, you’ll see the results in your sales. More prospects will become customers, customers will turn into loyal fans, and your business will finally break through that plateau that once felt impossible.

One of many testimonials

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"AJN solutions was a huge help getting me set up with google and tying it all into my business. They are patient and willing to go the extra length to make sure I have everything I need including the proper training so I have a better understanding. Great customer service! I highly recommend for anyone with a business. It brings you to the next level."

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