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Independent Verizon Sales Executive

Business Sales – Experience Required

At AJN solutions we provide two core services. First off, we are a Digital Marketing company helping businesses that struggle with what to do online. We provide the education, tools and process so businesses can be flooded with testimonials, gain more sales, and provide better value to their customers.


Secondly, we are a Verizon Authorized Reseller. We are not a traditional reseller though, we are Virtual Based Reseller specializing in providing exceptional service to businesses and consumers.


You may not have heard of a Verizon Reseller that is virtual since nearly all of them are the typical brick and mortar Agent locations. The Founder of AJN solutions is a former Verizon Executive that ran the Retail, Indirect Local, and Indirect National teams and he knows these unique opportunities that others don’t. This has created a ton of opportunity with a great relationship with Verizon and the access to the full line of products, systems and support to ensure our success.


Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for seasoned Verizon Sales Associates and Leaders. Because our program is virtual we don’t have the ability to go through the full training in our facility so we require that you have experience and a strong knowledge of the Verizon Systems and processes.


If you’ve worked for Verizon or any 3rd party Agent and have sold, or worked with sales associates and know the systems and processes well you may qualify.


How does this work?

We will provide you with all the systems access and tools for you to sell Verizon products and services. You will mine your database of customers and search for new ones to generate sales activity. All of our Sales Executives are Independent Contractors so you work when you want and where you want.


How much will I make?

You will make your commission on a per a sale basis, up to $75. Sales commission is based on the product type but is drastically simplified from what you are used to.


I want to sell Verizon but I don’t have the experience?

If you don’t know the Verizon systems and processes feel free to contact us and we will let you know when we’re ready to begin the training process for new to Verizon associates.


If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please click Learn More to see if this is right for you.

Experience. Flexibility. Balance. 

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