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LinkedIn accounts for the small business

Small business owners have the opportunity to use LinkedIn as an individual with a personal profile and as a business with a business profile. These are two separate profiles that serve two different purposes.

The individual, or personal profile is what’s most commonly used, there are nearly 500 million users that have personal profiles on LinkedIn. This is helpful when building your personal network and connecting with other professionals.

The Business profile allows you to gain valuable benefits for the business. Below are the top benefits and why you should have a LinkedIn business profile for your small business.

Employees can link to the business for a professional look, add their title and description.

Employee Experience. When people search for your business on Linked they will be able to find details about your business and see what employees are connected. This is helpful when someone is looking for a company contact or if they know anyone at the business. Additionally, employees can connect to fellow employees through this mutual connection.

The business page will show the details about the company and act as an additional webpage.

Professional Business Profile. When people search for your business on LinkedIn they will see a professional view of your business that you and your employees can link to. This shows any posts, blogs, job opens, etc allows others to learn more about your business.

Search Results. When customers search online for your business LinkedIn will index well on Google to add an additional opportunity for companies to find your business. This is an additional way for people to find your business and usually is one of the top 5 search results for your business due to the popularity of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will improve your search results when others look for your business.

A Great way to connect. LinkedIn is the most popular online Business Social Network. There are benefits for your search results, your employees and your overall brand. In addition to these items you can also benefit from.

  • Keep in touch with people in a format that others are used to

  • Find the right vendors or outsource partners

  • Display job postings

  • Gain business referrals through displaying your expertise

  • Share blog content and company posts

  • Overall – leverage as a secondary website for your company

So, when you look at LinkedIn be sure you have your personal profile plus your business profile to maximize your online benefits. This will help your business and best of all, it’s free! LinkedIn doesn’t charge you for this service, this is a free service to help small businesses.

* By AJN solutions, a Digital Marketing company in Danville, CA. We provide Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Review Management, Online Listing Management, Web Design and much more.

We currently provide professional and affordable services throughout the Danville area (Alamo, Blackhawk, Pleasanton, Dublin, Walnut Creek) and work with others throughout the Central Valley, San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a proud member of the Danville Area Chamber.

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