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Time for a change!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Most businesses struggle with what to do online. We provide the education, tools and process so your business can be flooded with testimonials, gain more sales, and provide better value to your customers.

At AJN solutions we feel that all businesses need to think and act like an Internet business to stay competitive. We guide physical businesses, local retail stores and direct sales individuals to maximize their revenue.

Digital tools for the small business

We are complete Digital Guide for your business to improve your sales output. We handle the entire process from when customers first search for your business though the post sales follow up and everything in between. This process is viewed through the entire Customer Journey to ensure customers don’t fall out of your sales process.

The first step is to ensure your business can be found online properly with the proper use of local search SEO tools. 55% of small businesses have this wrong.

Next, we provide the tools to build your brand so you can feel confident your customers see the right thing about your business. 90% of consumers are influenced by your online brand.

Then, when a customer is ready to take a deeper look, we provide the website framework for you to maximize your traffic. Increase conversation up to 45% with the StoryBrand framework.

To convert traffic, we connect to potential customers, more, a lot more. 80% of sales happen after 5 attempts, we provide a push button follow up so you can follow up quickly and consistently.

Finally, we create an effective post sale process to provide education, support and better customer loyalty. Getting new customers can be expensive, up to 7x more than existing customers, we help you keep and grow the ones you have.

End to end process flow to engage and retain your customer base

At AJN solutions we provide the branding and marketing expertise then create the digital tools to assist you in executing. We are not just a website, marketing, or SEO company, we are complete Digital Guide for your business to improve your sales output.

* By AJN solutions, a Digital Marketing company in Danville, CA. We provide Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Review Management, Online Listing Management, Web Design and much more.

We currently provide professional and affordable services throughout the Danville area (Alamo, Blackhawk, Pleasanton, Dublin, Walnut Creek) and work with others throughout the Central Valley, San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a proud member of the Danville Area Chamber.

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