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What do your customers see on Google?

A picture that tells the story of your business

Your Google My Business profile image is likely the most viewed image that you have about your business. This image appears every time someone sees your business on Google, seen hundreds or even thousands of times a month. This image is the single most important image about your business.

The profile image is something that Google shows virtually everywhere, from the Local Pack results to your individual business listing. This image is seen…

  • As your main image of your business

  • In the competitor's "People also search for" area

  • On Google Maps

  • In various apps and mobile browsers on both Android & iPhone

  • In other places that pull from the Google Database

Your profile image is the image that creates the first impression that a searcher has about your business. There is data from Google says that clicks to your website increase by 35% when your business have images. Listing photos is not only for users to visually see more about your business but it also helps Google index your business higher.

Even if Google uses the image that you indicated, there is another problem: Google insists on using the very same image, but cropping it arbitrarily to different aspect ratios in different display contexts.

More pictures help your Google listing

There is no perfect solution to creating the perfect photo, but there are some guidelines that will insure that yours performs better rather than worse.

  1. Use a profile photo that represents your brand the best. Pick the photo that tells the most to your customer about your business.

  2. Pick an image that performs well in both a landscape, and a square layout so no matter how they’re viewing the image it formats well.

  3. Pick an image that is upper-half balanced. That is, the core of the image is not on the bottom of the image but up towards the middle.

  4. Pick an image that works well in mobile – on a small display. This image will be used in a range of sizes and it should look good whether viewed on a phone or large monitor. To achieve this, the image should be a close up and not have a lot of background detail.

  5. Make sure that the other images you upload all support your Profile image.

  6. Test your images to make sure they look correct after loading them. Focus first on how the image looks in the Local Pack and Google Maps on Safari, Chrome both desktop and mobile.

Google is the best spot to have your business listed, they are the modern day phonebook. Make sure you are listed correctly in the phone book with the correct information, pictures, and descriptions. Most of all, make sure there is a compelling reason for customers to choose you over the competition.

* By AJN solutions, a Digital Marketing company in Danville, CA. We provide Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Review Management, Online Listing Management, Web Design and much more.

We currently provide professional and affordable services throughout the Danville area (Alamo, Blackhawk, Pleasanton, Dublin, Walnut Creek) and work with others throughout the Central Valley, San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a proud member of the Danville Area Chamber.

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